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Things to consider when buying a dating software

Are you tired of staying single? Has the quarantine made you want a romantic companion? Well, we think it’s high time you spiced up your dating life and we’ve come up with the best way; by buying a dating software.

However, before you buy a dating software, here are a few features a good dating software should have:

Efficient and Effective Algorithm

The algorithm must be capable of aligning the perfect matches according to their interests. The user shouldn’t have to sift through various candidates that are nothing like their ideal partners.

Transparent Billing System

A transparent billing system is ideal to win the trust of customers and shows that they are getting exactly what they are being shown. No hidden payments or in-app purchases are the way to go.

Smooth User Experience

The software must run smoothly without crashing every other minute. A lot of users typically complain about apps crashing or showing errors while they try to login or register.

Safe and Reliable

No one wants the dating software they use to sell or share their information with third parties. Your dating profiles are very personal and we believe they must be protected from being accessed publicly or with third-party softwares, especially without your permission.

Availability on OS

The app must be available on at least the most common operating systems i.e. iOS and Android.

Supportive Customer Service

A supportive and active customer service facility shows that the company cares about its user’s experience and values their feedback.

Fortunately for you, we’ve found a dating software that provides you with all of these features and much more. The Dua AG dating software. Here are some of the best features of the application:

No Geographic Restrictions

The dating software lets you connect with other Albanians no matter where they are located in the world.


The inclusivity of belonging from the same race or culture allows couples to bond better. Dua AG helps you find an ideal partner with the same cultural values as yours a lot quicker as compared to other dating apps on the market.

Easy Login

You can easily register or login through your existing Facebook account which makes the registration process quick and seamless.

Selective Age Groups

By restricting the app for 25-34-year old people, Dua AG targets people who are serious about dating and finding love. As far as we know, there’ll be no time wasters.


Dua AG merely costs €4.95/month including a variety of in-app features. Considering this, we certainly think you’re pulling one hell of a bargain.

Dua AG definitely sets the bar high for the rest of the dating apps. Why wait for them to catch up? Buy dating software and start your hunt for your soulmate instantly!