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Library management software

Dialocidlibrary offers a Library management software that is a complete library management and automation solution that allows information providers, information managers, contacts, resource managers and librarians to manage and distribute information, whether print or non-print material.

Possible Library management software functions


It is the basic support of the library. Users and library members can submit proposals for the purchase of materials (books, magazines, etc.) to librarians. Proposals, quote comparisons, RFPs, billing, purchases and check-in searches are handled smoothly and efficiently by the library management software.

Serial control

Controlling serials allows librarians to manage magazines, journals, magazine subscriptions and periodicals in a smooth and efficient manner. Timely alerts to magazines allow librarians to track uncovered copies and connect to editors / agents accordingly. Some systems also makes it possible to group numerous magazines at the end of the exercise or at the will of librarians.


It bases the circulation on the lending rules defined by the librarian. Librarians can set several providing lending policies to members of different libraries. A circulatory system using barcodes and RFID technology makes it a “click to do” event. For complex and simplified systems, you can assign a recurring task to anyone. Membership cards with barcodes and photos can be easily created and used by the library management software. In addition, members of the library can be registered, regardless of their circulation.


It bases the catalog on the AACR2 standard. They program the rules to provide consistent and accurate maps. These cards have a standard size of 5 “x 3”. Users can print on A4 cards or lasers. They have simplified the graphical interface so that everyone can use it quickly and easily. You can catalog CDs annual reports, journals, books, project reports, PDFs, presentations, etc. Users can easily add up to 20 different fields to enter data for new and future resources to the Library management software.