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Increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with multi-touch attribution.


Looking to improve your traffic sources? Odyssey has the solution for you. We gather data from all your traffic sources and provide instant insight into your performance. Keep track of things like volume, incrementality, revenue, and ad spend. Use the data to analyze what is working, compare different traffic sources, and improve their performance. What is the best attribution company suited for your ecommerce business? 


OK, so you’ve got a traffic source and now you need to know how to best spend your money. The Odyssey platform can analyze each traffic source on a granular level and provide you with a suggested ad spend. This will help you determine the best use of your marketing dollars and identify bottlenecks. Odyssey will analyze your traffic sources for you, and then suggest the amount of money you should spend to maximize your marketing performance. You can then compare that to your current ad spend to identify opportunities and bottlenecks. Have you been wondering how to make your website perform better? We offer a granular analysis of all of your marketing sources. After comparing our insights to your current ad spend, you will see the opportunities and bottlenecks in your system. Furthermore, Odyssey’s incrementality metric shows you which channel offers the most incremental value.


Connecting your ad platforms to Odyssey is a quick way to get a snapshot of how much you’re currently spending on ads. Connecting these accounts to your Odyssey dashboard will allow you to see your total ad spend, compare it to our suggested ad spend, and re-allocate your online marketing budget. Connect your ad platforms to Odyssey and see how much you spend there. If you want, you can compare your current ad spend with what Odyssey says you should use and re-allocate your budget to make the changes Odyssey suggests. Hit your marketing goals with little effort. Connect your ad platforms to your Odyssey dashboard and automatically see what you’re currently spending on ads. Focus both on the suggested goals and current ad spend to figure out where to reallocate your online marketing budget.


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