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Fishing magnet catch of the day

Ignace (25) retrieves broken safe from Spuikom while magnet fishing with the best fishing magnet

Ignace Desmet (25) from Bredene made a remarkable discovery while magnet fishing in the Spuikom on Wednesday afternoon. He unearthed a large safe, probably stolen at one time and then dumped there. “I called the police in, but unfortunately the serial number is unreadable due to corrosion. It will remain an unsolved case, I fear,” he says.

Ignace is the manager of the café Bij Plop along the Koningin Astridlaan in Bredene. One of his hobbies is magnet fishing. “My intention is to search the Spuikom all around. In the meantime, about 400 meters have already been searched and in the process, shopping carts, traffic signs, bicycles and mopeds have already come to the surface. My find on Wednesday, near the Europa school, was slightly more striking,” says Ignace.

He pulled out a large safe. “It was pierced on one side and also opened. There was nothing left in it. A police patrol just happened to drive by. I gave the signal and the police officers proceeded to inspect it. However, there was no serial number to be found anywhere. I estimated that the safe had been in the water for more than ten years. All the letters or numbers had been eaten away by corrosion. A pity, because I would have liked to know the story behind it,” says Ignace.