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The most important data to collect for your company

Do you have a business, but it’s not running smoothly? Well-founded arguments can often ensure the growth of your company by taking the right steps, but where does that foundation come from? A large part, according to large companies of this time, comes from data. With the right data, you can analyze and improve bottlenecks. This way you notice that a product is not viewed, or perhaps viewed, but not purchased. But what is the most important data to map everything you have? It starts with a way to collect that data.

Analytics and Market Research

Collectors such as Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel have been used for every form of business. With Google Analytics, you can see who visits your site, how people use your site (what do they click on?), how long they stay on a page, whether they visit multiple pages, and so on. It is also clear where the traffic has come from. For example, were certain keywords typed into a search engine or a link clicked on Instagram? All these questions and answers will give you an insight into your strengths and weaknesses.

Product management tool

The problem with a lot of this kind of data, as with customer responses, is that you have it scattered across the internet in fragments. Several sites contain customer reviews and possible reactions about, for example, a product, and keeping an overview can be uncomfortable. Fortunately, solutions have also been devised for all this type of data, such as a product management tool. With a product management tool, you actually ensure that you get all that scattered information in one place. So much more user-friendly for you. Then comes another step.

User-Centered Design

Once you know what the customer needs, it’s important to take user-centered design into account. From that moment on, you will use your data and user experiences to increase the ease of use and enjoyment of your users. This can be through a better interface, logical short paths to the right product, and more. For this, you have to understand your target group, which is the reason that you have to collect data.