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Best Attractions To Watch In Gran Canaria in 2020

Are you looking for a fun-filled break? Well, Gran Canaria is the best place to unwind your worries and get away for the weekend. This hot yet beautiful destination has a lot in store and is going to thrill you with sizzling volcanoes and surfing. So while you are here, what can you watch and spend a good time? We have listed the must-visit major attractions to watch while you are in Gran Canaria! Let’s get started.

Scuba Diving:

Gran Canaria is famous for its biodiversity. Whether you explore this place above sea level or below sea level, you are going to stun yourself with a lot of natural beauty. So dive into scuba diving and get to eye some of the most beautiful fish underwater. Get up close with the manta ray and sea turtles and explore the below sea beauty at its best.

Hike at Caldera de Bandama:

This hiking track is a Jurassic bowl-shaped path which takes you back to ancient times. It is 1000 meters in diameter and 200 meters deep. It was formed due to a massive volcanic eruption. You can hike down in the carter within 30 minutes. However, you need an hour almost to get back up. It is best to wear sturdy shoes and carry the right amount of water too. The view along the hike is beautiful, and that is what makes it worth your time and effort.

Moonwalk at Roque Nublo:

Roque Nublo is in the centre of the island and is worth visiting. The hike up to this rock might seem short but is quite hard work. The stone stands 1813 meters above sea level. This is not the highest point on the island, but it offers you a very breathtaking view. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the entire peninsula from Roque Nublo, which is the primary reason why the majority of tourists visit it. Easiest way to get there is to rent a car and drive. You can compare car hire prices on Gran Canaria at They compare prices from all major companies on the island.

Indulge in stargazing:

If you love the simplicity of life and would lie down or sit, staring at the stars, with your partner, then you can do so at Gran Canaria. The position of the island is epic for stargazing. It has a low cloud phenomenon level which makes it the best place for stargazing in Europe. The bright and clear night skies make everything look very unreal. But that is the beauty of Gran Canaria! Spend a beautifully romantic evening with your partner, staring at the stars. You are going to love it.

Gran Canaria Carnival:

If you are visiting this place in February, then do look out for the Gran Canaria Carnival. Residents of this place are party animals, and they put life into festivals. The most significant event in Gran Canaria is this carnival, and it is famous for its extravagance. This carnival is stretched over an entire week which has different activities on each day. It is usually held in the last week of February, so if you are there at this specific time, then we would highly recommend you to be a part of this festivity. You will experience the best party ever.


Gran Canaria has a lot to offer! It is one of the best places to get away to, for a perfectly relaxing and exciting break from life. There is a lot more than one can do here. You can visit the Palmitos Park and relax in one of the most beautiful gardens, the Viera Y Clavijo Botanical Garden. Known for its biodiversity, this place is not going to leave you disappointed in the name of enjoyment and beauty at all! Have a fun time at Gran Canaria!